About Animosque

My name means strength and courage in Latin. I can connect with Spirit to guide you to reach your goals, your true ambitions, whether these be centred around your career or other areas of your life.

Questions and Answers

When did you first realise your gift?

As I child I found I was naturally able to connect to Spirit and give those around me answers on things that they were surprised about, yet I had thought everyone was able to do this because it came so naturally to me. From there I found myself doing more research into the gift I was blessed with and finding ways to develop it further.

What prompted you to give readings to others?

This natural ability that was given to me has to have been given for a reason, it would be a waste to not put it to good use and to try to help people with it. This is what made me want to really use it to do something good.

What can a customer expect to get from with you?

They can expect effective and accurate readings as I connect to Spirit for them, seeking answers together on the questions they ask and on how to reach their goals in life, how to find their true happiness.

What tools do you use?

My ability to connect to Spirit and really sense what the customers next steps should be in order to take a more positive approach to their life is what I use.

How do you connect with a customer?

I connect through Spirit and my guides, and I take the time to find out what the customer really needs going forward.



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