About Oracle

Oracle specialises in love, and relationships. She calmly guides you away from the worries on your shoulders and helps you to see life from another perspective. Qualified in Crystal healing, and magic, helping you to bring the best out of your situations. Oracle can use a variety of divinatory methods; Tarot cards, crystals, runes and Angel cards.

Questions and Answers

What tools do you use?

I use a whole array of “tools”. Ranging from Crystals, to Runes, to Tarot and Oracle cards.

How would you describe your readings?

They’re honest. I won’t tell you what you want to hear, I don’t feel that’s ethical! But, if I see it in the cards, I’ll tell you! It’s really important for me to be open and give you a true account of what I feel, and pick up on around you.

What can’t you tell me?

I can’t discuss anything around health, pregnancies, legal or financial worries.

Can you connect to someone famous for me?

I can, as long as they had a link to you in life!

Can you connect to a certain family member?

It’s important to remember, we don’t choose the Spirit who connects to you, they just come through, it’s their choice.


Petra S

I came to Oracle because of the Crystal readings. I got a lot of good advice on what to use for my situation! I would really recommend Oracle x

Joe S

I'm so pleased! I feel so informed and a lot better about things. Oracle is really good, thank you!

Maryann D

I love hearing about all the answers keeping my spirIts up and not always looking for negative things thank you

Diana R

Thank you for my card reading was very accurate blessings xx

Anya P

I chose Oracle for a reading because I was drawn very much to her. I had a card reading, and it will be good to see if things will come in what she said!

Bethany C

Fast response, very informative, great and friendly service

Sarah D

Had my first reading with Oracle today. Was straight to the point. Enjoyed it. I got the answers I needed

Claire P

I had the Tarot card reading. Everything was 10/10 spot on. Crazy how accurate!


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