About Charm

Charm specialises in relationship concerns and can tune in very quickly to your worries and thoughts She is an empathetic reader offering insight and guidance

Questions and Answers

Describe your Psychic experience and talent

I am a medium, remote viewer and empath. I have been reading for years and can sense an instant connection with your energy

What made you realise you are psychic and how did you first use this skill?

I come from generations of people who have always embraced their gifts. I first used this to connect with those that have crossed over.

Why did you decide to give readings?

It is in my nature to help people see what is sometimes hidden to them. We all have a gift and it is a joy to help others discover their own

What will a client get from a reading with you?

Honesty and compassion. I will work with you to find the right path that you are meant to be on.



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30 messages for £14.99
120 messages for £49.99
300 messages for £99.99

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