About Robert

What you are feeling and who you are is the most important part of your life, are you feeling that you have lost this sense of identity recently? That you are unsure of where you are and where you are heading in the future? This is something that I can help you with. My name is Robert and I am able to pick up and read your feelings . I have a lot of empathy and calmness around myself that I can project onto you.

Questions and Answers

Describe your Psychic experience and talent

I've been able to read on relationships, careers, love, since I was about 18, but only started doing so professionally in my early twenties. It started as dreams and visions, thinking I was hearing words, but no one else could.

What Psychic abilities do you have?

A very empathic ability about situations, as well as clairaudience. I like to use/read tarot, angel cards and runes. I link in to your auric energies to understand you, and your situation.

What made you realise you are psychic and how did you first use this skill?

I used to have dreams about things and then they would happen, and it wasn't a case of my brain or subconcious rewriting things, I would tell people about the dreams before anything happened, and once those things came to pass, those people understood the depth of my abilities as well

Why did you decide to give readings?

I wanted to help people, and still do.

What will a client get from a reading with you?

A sense of closure, and hope about the situations that they are in. I will be able to help them clear some of the clouds, and think through solutions to their issues.



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