About Derek

My name is Derek, I have been working with spirit for over 35 years now and there's nothing else I love to do other than read for the people who are sent to me. I believe that we are all here for a reason, if you would like to know yours then come to me and I can shed light on that for you. I will bring startling accuracy to your reading with my powerful clairsentient and psychic abilities, feel lost no more, I can guide you onto the right pathway!

Questions and Answers

When did you realise you had a gift to share?

I am of Romany heritage and come from a long line of psychics. I was trained to use my gifts as a child by my maternal grandmother.

What abilities do you have?

I have the gift of second sight, and have been aware of spirit around me since childhood

What can a client get from a reading with you?

Insight and clarity that will help answer any questions you may have on your mind. amd help you find solutions to any of life's dilemmas, all delivered with a good sense of humour.



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