About Claire

Hi my name is Claire, I am a highly experienced psychic with many years of happy clients that I read for again and again, I come from a long family line of psychics, passed down from generation to generation, I have particular expertise in matters of the heart and also in any other kind of relationships, family or friendships, my spirit guides can determine the best course of action for you, I can also link with angels and ask for them to guide you on your path, whatever you need I'm here to help.

Questions and Answers

What made you realise you are psychic and how did you first use this skill?

I realised after having dreams which were foretelling my future, and events happening in a few days.

What Psychic abilities do you have?

I like to use/read tarot, angel cards and runes. I link in to your auric energies to understand you, and your situation.



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