About Tracy

My name is Tracy and I am here to help and guide you in all aspects of your life.  You are not alone anymore.  I have been blessed with a spiritual gift and I see signs and hear messages of wisdom. I use the skills I was given to communicate with my archangels for any questions you may have that are related to Love, Relationships, Spirituality & Career.  Allow me to share my wisdom & knowledge and you will be equipped with greater clarity in your life. Let me be your spiritual guide.

Questions and Answers

What Psychic abilities do you have?

Angelic communication, empath, psychic.

Describe your Psychic experience and talent

I've been giving readings for many years and throughout this time have honed my skills so I can give clear and concise answers to those burning questions

What made you realise you are psychic and how did you first use this skill?

I have always been aware of angels around me and have felt their loving energies surrounding all aspects of my life. I began giving reading to friends and family in my teens and things just took off from there!

Why did you decide to give readings?

I felt compelled to help others with my gifts and was guided towards this by my angels and guides

What will a client get from a reading with you?

A lovely light feeling of connection with the angelic realm as well as support and answers.



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30 messages for £14.99
120 messages for £49.99
300 messages for £99.99

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