About Alison

Hi I'm Alison, I realised my psychic ability from a very young age, I always feel a connection and empathy for the people around me, without them telling me what they were feeling or going through. I can sense their emotions and give clear vision of the future, I am able to send healing power should you feel you need this and I am also able to give guidance if facing a choice, let me help you with any decision or dilemma in life, I am sure I can guide you on your path

Questions and Answers

How would you describe your gifts?

I am a natural psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant.

What made you want to start giving readings?

I've always been aware of my strong sense of intiuation, and I am the sort of person who gets joy from helping others.

How do you work?

I connect to your energies with the help from your guides, I then cast some runes to see what destiny has in store for you and help you discover what choices you can make.



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