About Julie

I have been a reader for many years and I am very accurate especially around love. I use a three card spread reading, and I am able to pick up on what the real worry is that you have. I know when you have a lot of uneasiness around you and that's what I am here to help you with. When you are needing clarity with what is happening in your life I am able to help you .

Questions and Answers

Describe your Psychic experience and talent

I have been aware of my abilities since I was a young girl and have the ability to sense and pinpoint energies around people

What Psychic abilities do you have?

I am highly empathic, read tarot and am clairsentient

Describe your Psychic experience and talent

I've been giving readings for many years and throughout this time have honed my skills so I can give clear and concise answers to those burning questions

Why did you decide to give readings?

I feel that my gift needs to be shared with others as it provides reassurance, help and comfort

What will a client get from a reading with you?

Peace of mind and information which may have previously been hidden from them



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30 messages for £14.99
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300 messages for £99.99

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