About Tina

Being a very strong Clairvoyant and spiritual Counsellor I am able to see what lies ahead for you and how you can make the right decisions and choice in life to get what you want and achieve your goals. I have the ability to tune into your situation very quickly and can get right to the heart of your reading in a matter of moments.  Being naturally empathic and a trained Reiki master I know how to bring light and joy back into your life.

Questions and Answers

How do your readings differ from that of others?

I am a life coach, and I can inspiire you to find your own inner strength and confidence.

What tools do you use to give your readings?

I use Angel Cards first to help establish some rapport with you and connect to your vibrations.

How did you discover the gift you have?

I have always been the one that people turn to when they want some advice, so I decided to train in life coaching skills so I could bring guidance to others in a professional capacity.



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