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About Kerrie Marie

Hello, my name is Kerrie Marie, I am a qualified Life coach, Card reader and Angelic healer. I am intuitive, empathic and a good listener. If you feel that life is getting you down or need advice then please contact me and will me happy to help.I can conduct general readings as well as help you with love and relationship questions. I will do my very best to answer all of your questions.

Questions and Answers

When did you first realise your gift?

From an early age I knew that I had a gift that enabled me to empathise with others. I started readings cards nearly 18 years ago and feel a natural connection with them and the messages i receive through them.

What prompted you to give readings to others?

I wanted to help people who were feeling stuck or lost and felt they had no one to turn too.

What can a customer expect to get from a reading with you?

My aim is to provide you with a professional and uplifting reading that is easy to interpret.

What tools do you use?

Angel Cards Tarot Intuitive abilities Spirit guides

How do you connect with a customer?

I feel I can connect with people’s energies.



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