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About Topaz

Hi and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. I am Topaz a highly in-tune tarot reader who is able to pick up on spirit energy's that may be around. I have over 15 years experience using my tools which are Tarot, Cartomancy, pendulum, runes, and angel cards. I will help you see clarity in your life. If you chose me you will get my full attention, I can help your dreams become a reality, by helping you find your path. Blessing's to you, I look forward to helping you. Topaz.

Questions and Answers

When did you first realise your gift?

I realised when I was age 10 that there was something different to me, I used to hear voices, have vivid dreams that do still come true to this day. I bought my first pack of tarot card's and just new that I would be able to help.

What prompted you to give readings to others?

I love to help, I love to give people hope. I am very honest and I always be there to be any ones guide.

What can a customer expect to get from a reading with you?

They will get my full attention, I will not stop until there completely happy. My job is done when we have hit the nail on the head, but my service's don’t stop there. You can ask me for some healing or prayers and I will deliver.

What tools do you use?

I use Tarot Cards, Cartomancy, Pendulum, Angel card's, I also see Aura’s this will help me cleanse you.

How do you connect with a customer?

I connect through your picture and energy, before we begin I may ask you to tell me when to stop shuffling, this will help with the connection

What times / days are you available to be give readings?

I am available Monday to Friday and one second Saturday and Sunday of the month. Hours to be announced soon.



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